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by Wattaxi
30 08 2016
Best Taxi Pattaya

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Wattaxi Service

Wattaxi Service is your best partner for all your transport Taxi in the area of Pattaya or Bangkok ... Wattaxi Service

Come discover our beautiful country. We take care of all your travels in Thailand, Pattaya or Bangkok. We can also take care of all your transfer to and from Bangkok airport.

Taxi Pattaya to Bangkok

Our advantages

  • We have the best prices
  • We are always available
  • You travel safely
  • We always post our prices
  • Our vehicles are comfortable
Taxi Pattaya to Bangkok

Some prices

Service delivery THB EUR USD GBP
From Airport to pattaya 1 100 29 32 25
From Pattaya to Airport 1 100 29 32 25
From DM Airport to Pattaya 1 300 34 38 29
From Pattaya to DM Airport 1 300 34 38 29

Highway and parking included

Prices in EUR, USD and GBP are indicative as of 08.30.2016. Thank you to see the exchange rate of the day...